Our Story

Innovate was established in 2014 and has swiftly become known for high quality and delicious handmade products, from hand made artisan Belgium chocolates, confectionery packets, arrangements and bespoke celebration cakes to suit any event.

 Discover a choice of over 40 different chocolate varieties in both dairy and non dairy, you are guaranteed to find your perfect flavor.

We Innovate

We are constantly bringing out new flavors and expanding our range of confectionery so stay tuned.

Whether you are treating yourself or purchasing a gift for someone special, you are certain to find the perfect gift.

Our Hashgacha

Innovate is under the strictest hashgacha of Machzike Hadas Manchester. We have a huge range of Kosher, Vegetarian and lactose free chocolates and confectionery.

Innovate products are available for purchase in our Prestwich store and are also available for order online.